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Taste the Waste

Taste the Waste
Valentin Thurn / Germany / 2011 / 88 min.

Before vegetables get from the fields to our plates, at least half of them end up in a dump; that means every second tomato or head of lettuce. Sounds incredible, but it’s true. And agriculture produces a third of greenhouse gases. Just look at supermarket waste containers or peer into the nearest ...


The Argentinian Lesson

Argentynska lekcja
Wojciech Staroń / Poland / 2011 / 56 min.

Set in the remote Argentinean town of Azara, this personal documentary by Wojciech Staroń features his seven-year-old son Janek. While the Polish director’s wife teaches locals of Polish origin the language of their forefathers, the boy is sent to school to learn Spanish. Janek soon befriends Marcia, ...


The Boxing Girls of Kabul

The Boxing Girls of Kabul
Ariel J. Nasr / Canada / 2011 / 52 min.

The main characters of this film are three sporty Afghan girls who dedicate themselves to boxing. They train rigorously at an athletics stadium in Kabul, where girls were publicly lynched during the Taliban era for “sins” such as playing sports. For decades in Afghanistan, women were denied the ...


The Bully Project

The Bully Project
Lee Hirsch / USA / 2011 / 98 min.

They push you into a narrow locker in the cloakroom. On the bus they choke you and stab your stomach with a pen. In the school corridor, on Facebook, and in text messages they humiliate you with insults. Thirteen million American school kids experience bullying annually and each year thousands commit ...


The Carrier

The Carrier
Maggie Betts / USA / 2011 / 88 min.

As a young girl, Zambian Mutina Mweemba dreams of marrying a loving man. She imagines them raising their children together, giving them the best life possible. When Mutina meets Abarcon, a man from a distant village, her dream seems to have come true. But the image of a perfect marriage is shattered ...


The Forgotten

Los Olvidados de los Olvidados
Carles Caparrós / Spain / 2010 / 88 min.

Carles Caparrós’s film has this motto: “There is no document of civilization that is not at the same time a document of barbarism.” People have always fought against anything different, incomprehensible and strange. In the Western world, mental illnesses are considered diseases; in a number of ...


The Island President

The Island President
Jon Shenk / USA / 2011 / 101 min.

Surely no head of state ever faced such serious problems as Mohamed Nasheed, former president of the Maldives. He spent 20 years leading the opposition to the dictator Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. For that, Nasheed was repeatedly imprisoned. It was only after a revolution that he took over the presidency. ...


The Kingdom of Mister Edhi

Le Royaume de Monsieur Edhi
Amélie Saillez / Belgium, Spain / 2011 / 82 min.

Director Amélie Saillez tells the fascinating story of Abdul Sattar Edhi and his wife, Bilquis. The couple, from the Pakistani city of Karachi, built a network of social and healthcare facilities in this Islamic country. They help everyone regardless of religion, skin colour, nationality or caste. ...


The Magical Journey of Useless Things

The Magical Journey of Useless Things
Katja Schupp / Germany, Poland / 2011 / 93 min.

The adage that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure is borne out by the peculiar Polish duo of Piotr Liszcz and Jan Byczek; for them, discarded rubbish from German households allows them to make a living. The annual mass removal of garbage in the area around Germany’s Mainz is a true gold ...


The New World

Uus maailm
Jaan Tootsen / Estonia / 2011 / 59 min.

Like most European cities, Estonia’s capital, Tallinn, is ruled by cars. When yet another road intended exclusively for cars was opened in the New World district in 2006, a group of locals finally ran out of patience. After staging a protest with respirators and gas masks that prevented a ceremonial ...


The Price of Sex

The Price of Sex
Mimi Chakarova / USA / 2011 / 73 min.

According to UN estimates, each year around 1.5 million women are taken abroad to serve as sex slaves. After the fall of Communism, Mimi Chakarova, who directed The Price of Sex, left with her mother in search of a better life in the U.S. She explores the fate of less fortunate East European women from ...


The Prism GR2011 - KRISIS

The Prism GR2011 - KRISIS
Nikos Katsaounis, Nina Maria Paschalidou / Greece / 2011 / 62 min.

Greek police shot and killed 15-year-old student Alexandros Grigoropoulos in Athens in December 2008. His death unleashed mass protests both in Greece and several other European countries. However, the protracted financial and social crisis was perhaps a deeper reason for unrest. At the beginning of ...


The Quiet One

The Quiet One
Emelie Wallgren, Ina Holmqvist / Sweden / 2011 / 29 min.

Maryam, 6, is trying to settle into her new surroundings. She and her mother left their native Iran for snowy Sweden. Like other immigrant children, she must learn the language of her new country at school. Things are tough at first; almost immediately little Maryam finds herself on the periphery of ...


The Redemption of General Butt Naked

The Redemption of General Butt Naked
Eric Strauss, Daniele Anastasion / USA / 2011 / 85 min.

Joshua Milton Blahyi once believed he was blessed with supernatural powers that enabled him to dodge bullets. He went into battle naked with his army of child soldiers, ruthlessly delivering death and destruction. His cruelty was legendary, making his army one of the most feared units in Liberia’s ...


The Siege

The Siege
Angus Gibson, Miguel Salazar / Colombia / 2011 / 88 min.

The date 6 November 1985 entered Colombian history as La Toma, The Siege. On that day, members of the guerrilla group M19 burst into the Supreme Court in central Bogota and took 350 people hostage, including leading representatives of the country’s judicial system. Then President Belisario Betancur ...


The Substance

The Substance
Martin Witz / Switzerland / 2011 / 89 min.

In the spring of 1943, a sensational discovery was made in a Basel laboratory. Thanks to the experiments of Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann, lysergic acid (LSD) saw the light of day. One milligram of this substance was enough to literally turn human consciousness on its head. After initial experiments ...


The Tiniest Place

El lugar más pequeño
Tatiana Huezo / Mexico / 2011 / 104 min.

Even though it’s been almost three decades, the Central American village of Cinquera remains haunted by memories of the tragedy that occurred there. The civil war in El Salvador lasted 12 years, leaving tens of thousands of victims in its wake. In the 1980s, Cinquera was repeatedly occupied by government ...


The Tripoint

Klára Řezníčková / Czech Republic / 2011 / 59 min.

Klára Řezníčková’s documentary focuses on the easternmost part of the Czech Republic, where the country meets Poland and Slovakia. The border has influenced the historical development of the area and the fate of those living there. In this film, people from various nationalities in the mountain ...


The Voice of Burma

Burmas Stemme
Turid Rogne / Norway / 2011 / 64 min.

“We don’t see it as work. It is our destiny, our future,” says the Burmese editor in chief of the small Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB) radio station, which he founded with a few compatriots in the early 1990s in Oslo, Norway. The aim of their émigré radio station was to bring free information ...


Through Ellen's Ears

Door de Oren van Ellen
Saskia Gubbels / Netherlands / 2011 / 18 min.

Like her parents and most of her family, 11-year-old Ellen is deaf and communicates using sign language. She can only articulate with great difficulty. In her last year of primary school, she has to make a crucial decision: Should she continue her studies in a special school for deaf-mutes or should ...


To the Light

To the Light
Yuanchen Liu / China, USA / 2011 / 69 min.

For a long time, China has been one of the world’s biggest producers and consumers of coal. Seventy percent of its energy comes from coal-fired power plants. The flipside of China’s economic boom is best encapsulated by the situation in local mines, where each year about 20,000 miners die in accidents. ...


Trafacka - Temple of Freedom

Trafačka - Chrám svobody
Saša Dlouhý, Roman Vávra / Czech Republic / 2011 / 75 min.

Prague’s genius loci is comprised not only of rare historical buildings, but also dilapidated factory halls such as MeetFactory in Smíchov and the former transformer station in Vysočany. At the end of 2006, a group of young artists led by Jan Kaláb (also known as Point) decided to transform the ...


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