Beyond Revolution – Fighting for Democracy

The screening will be followed by a discussion with:

Olga Chyzhova, Ukrainian Prisma think-tank, Brussels
Petras Autrevicius, Lithuanian MEP
Representative of Ukraine Helsinki Union
Moderator: Nora Wehofsits, International Advocacy Officer, Human Rights House Foundation


About the film

Since 2013, a film crew has been following Mustafa Najem, Svitlana Zalishchuk and Serhiya Leshchenko’s fight for democracy in Ukraine. Over the years, their role has changed fundamentally – from activism to the upper echelons of politics.

Najem, Zalishchuk and Leshchenko worked in the media, and later in the service of civil society. After the 2014 elections, these leading figures of the revolution on Maidan became part of the old structures they are fighting against. They sit in the Ukrainian parliament and are working to change the corrupt system from within. The stories of their political careers mirror Ukraine’s journey towards its own identity, democracy, and geopolitical stability, as the country toes the line between East and West. Both the trio of protagonists and the country have to overcome many obstacles – from personal disagreements to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The fragility of democracy in war takes on a whole new dimension.


Beyond Revolution – Fighting for Democracy

Original Title

Generation Euromaidan – Sehnsucht nach Demokratie

Original Language

English, Ukrainian


English, Czech


Czech premiere

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90 min.


Politics, Ukraine

Kristof Gerega
Kristof Gerega

Beyond Revolution – Fighting for Democracy