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V obýváku dva lidé sedí na pohovce, jedí pizzu a sledují film v počítačí.


During the holiday season, we bring you two movies with English subtitles

The film Tornado – One Year After captures the testimonies of residents of the Hodonín and Břeclav regions who recall what happened before, during and immediately after this unfortunate event. The film records the aftermath of the most massive meteorological event in Europe in 2021, which was the strongest ever recorded tornado on Czech territory.

The documentary iHuman isn’t just for technology enthusiasts! Artificial intelligence is reshaping the nature of the world at an ever-increasing rate. The testimonies of experts show how wide the range of changes is and how much they affect the destiny of man and mankind.

We wish you a pleasant holiday season and many documentary-filled evenings!

Those marked as “English friendly” have English subtitles.

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Tonje Hessen Schei, Norway, Denmark / 99 min. / 2019

Artificial intelligence is increasingly transforming the nature of the world. The testimonies of the qualified experts show how wide the scale of these changes is and how they affect the fate of individuals and of humankind.

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New film

Tornado – the year after

Jana Počtová, Czech Republic / 56 min. / 2022

The biggest and deadliest meteorological event in Europe in 2021 and the strongest tornado ever recorded on Czech territory swept through seven villages in southern Moravia on the evening of 24 June 2021. In addition to describing the real events, the film explores the theme of unprecedented human solidarity that arose in the immediate aftermath of the disaster. Thank you to Karel Komárek Family Foundation for allowing us to have the film.

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Fotografie krajiny s moravskou vesničkou v dešti. V pozadí se blíží tornádo.

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Writing With Fire

Rintu Thomas, Sushmit Ghosh / India / 93 min. / 2021

They are failing to spark a revolution in the Indian caste system, but they are succeeding very well at digital revolution. The women's editorial board, made up of members of the lowest caste and led by reporter Meera, has been fighting for human rights in India for 14 years.

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Skupinka žen sedí na hliněné podlaze v přízemním domku. Jedna z nich nahrává video do mobilu.
Fotografie moderní obrovské organické budovy se zelenou střechou.

New film

Making A Mountain

Rikke Selin Fokdal, Kaspar Astrup Schröder / Denmark / 52 min. / 2020

A mountain has been rising in flat Copenhagen since 2019. Climbers climb it, skiers ski on it, and smoke billows from the chimneys. Mount Amager is a futuristic waste incinerator.

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New film


Camilla Nielsson / USA, Norway, Denmark / 130 min. / 2021

The end of Robert Mugabe’s dictatorship brought Zimbabwe hope for change. Only the election of a new president will show if the country can leave behind its totalitarian past and embark on the path of true democracy.

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